The Upside Down Chair

Are you thinking of using an upside down chair for inversion therapy? Have you been hearing about inversion and all of it’s benefits? If you are, then that’s awesome. Let’s just say you are in the right place. Here we are going to go into detail on what the upside down chair (mainly known as the inversion chair) is all about!

What is it?

The upside down chair is an instrument used to practice inversion therapy, which is known to come with several benefits. The inversion chair is a great way to assist in improving your health as it has shown to reduce stress and ease back pains. The following are health benefits of inversion chair that will make you want to try one.

Help reduce back pains

Using an upside down chair just once can potentially reduce back pains as much as significantly. It does so by decreasing pressure on spinal discs with the help of gravity. When spinal discs are bulging, they cause pain and could end up pinching nerves, and even disrupting the spinal cord’s neutral position. As one hangs at an inverted angle, even if it’s slight, their vertebrae stretch out and compression is relieved. While this isn’t a permanent cure to your spinal compression, practicing inversion 2 to 3 times per week can greatly improve your persistent back pains.

Deep breathing, Increased blood, and lymph flow

Inversion therapy strengthens diaphragm, and this encourages deep breathing. This helps fill the lower parts of lungs more effectively, hence more oxygen getting into the lungs. This inversion also helps improve blood and lymph circulation, allowing more oxygen delivered to all vital organs – including the brain! Many people are unaware that they are dealing with poor circulation. When you use an upside down chair, you can feel the blood flow increasing, and you feel revitalized.

Because the circulation and amount of oxygen in your body improves, using an inversion chair after a good workout can be beneficial for helping you heal faster.

Reduce stress levels and improve immune system

Using upside down chair for inversion therapy helps you relax due to reversed gravity on spine. This helps reduce stress as one meditates and relaxes. As mentioned earlier, inversion helps improve the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. This helps improve your immune systems ability to combat infections and viruses, making it easier for you to deal with getting sick.


After learning all about inversion chairs, I can honestly say that a simple upside down chair has a lot of health benefits. If you’re been especially having problems in regards to¬†easing back pains, I highly recommend you try it out with the approval from your doctor. Inversion therapy can change your life, and you may see pain relief without all the complications of medicine or surgical procedures.

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