All About The Stamina seated inversion chair

The stamina seated inversion chair is a unique product that strengthens the spine, using your own weight. The chair is highly durable and secure due to its heavy-duty construction and has some considerable weight to it. It is suitable for adults of both genders, and can handle the inversion of quite a heavy person.

Is the Stamina seated inversion chair comfortable?

This inversion therapy system provides effortless comfort, with cushioned upholstery, leg lock system, foam padded ankle support, adjustable lap belt for security, padded handlebars, skid resistant rubber floor protectors for stability, and quick-adjust foot bar for different heights. This is really a comfortable chair that you will enjoy using day in and day out.

What else does the Stamina seated inversion chair have?

The chair has rubber floor protectors that will prevent unnecessary machine movements while preserving your flooring. The Ratcheting leg lock system will secure your lower calf and ankle to withstand your body weight. Overall it is quite safe and effective for inversion therapy use.

The system is designed for people with restricted mobility to move from chair effortlessly. The inversion-angle adjustment strap enables you to control the degree of inversion to according to your comfort-zone.


In conclusion this chair is of amazing quality, it’s a no brainer for someone who is looking into using inversion therapy. When it comes to inverting you want to make sure you have a high quality product, trusting some flimsy machine to hold you upside down is not a good idea!

So what do you have to lose, if you want to use inversion therapy then this is going to be a great inversion chair for you.

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