Seated Inversion Chair

A seated inversion chair is an ergonomically designed chair that helps users attain comfort and reduce back pains and the related backaches. It is designed to accommodate different heights and different weights usually with some kind of adjustment. This makes it easier for people of all shapes and sizes to use a seated inversion chair.

What Are The Special features

The inversion chair can be made from a variety of materials as long as the inversion is attained. The most common types of inversion chairs are made of steel. It will usually come with a lap belt that is fully adjustable for your safety and comfort.

What else do these chairs have?

Most inversion chairs have foot rests that hold ankles and straps to control the release and heights of foot rest. They usually also come with a padded bench that will keep you comfortable, if the chair doesn’t have that look for a better one.

They also usually have padded hand rests and handlebars that help easily control of inversion and return of the chair. Most importantly it should be built with quality materials so that it’s safe to use on a regular basis.

How do seated inversion chairs help reduce back pain?

The inversion chair has most of its parts adjustable in order to permit a variety of seating postures and comfort. The controls are placed at the handlebars in order to ease adjustments. Finding your sweet spot will allow you to regularly use inversion and this will allow you to reduce your body aches and pains. Most people use an inversion chair to reduce their back pain. When you go upside down in the chair you will experience a decompression of your back disks, some also claim their back gets straighter.


In conclusion a seated inversion chair is a great way to help with back pain. Most people claim that they felt better after the first use. Obviously it’s not for everyone and you should consult with a professional before using one. However this new upcoming trend of inversion therapy is growing because many people have experienced great pain reduction from inverting.

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