Why You Should Use An Inversion Therapy Chair

There are many advantages of inversion therapy chair, and there are also many reasons why you would want to use an inversion chair for this instead of other types of inversion equipment. First of all, it’s always good to remember the real reason why an inversion therapy chair can be so helpful. Getting rid of that awful nagging back pain!

Inverting even just 60% can do the following to help increase your health:

  • Inversion can help reduce your back pain
  • Inversion therapy can reduce stress and fatigue on your body
  • It can reverse many of the effects that gravity has on your body including helping you stop “shrinking” over time as you age.

The average person will actually shrink an inch or more during their lifetime… (yikes!)

What are other ways an inversion therapy chair can help you?

  • Inverting can also prevent ‘organ shift’ from happening (a condition that happens to your kidneys, liver, intestines, etc. over time as you age.)
  • Inversion can help improve your flexibility. By hanging upside down your spine will lengthen, and in addition you can very effectively stretch your your hip flexors, back, side, and other ligaments and muscles.
  • Increase the blood flow to your brain helping you feel alert and sharp.
  • Help increase the lymph node circulation which can help reduce soreness, or at least shorten the time your muscles will be sore.

Many people already know of these benefits and that is a reason why this inversion therapy has become so popular in recent years. I’ sure you’ve been seeing it all over the place and that’s why you’re reading about it!

However, some people still think that in order to enjoy these benefits you need to hang upside down using something silly like gravity boots. Most people would experience a tough time getting used to these more complex devices, and then they give up before they can really enjoy the benefits of inverting properly. In reality all you have to do to alleviate that back properly is start inverting regularly, your body and mind will be happy you did!

In conclusion…

If you are experiencing discomfort in your back, neck, sides, etc, and you are sick of it. Do yourself a favor and try inverting daily for a couple of weeks. In my experience the people I talk to have really felt better, the compression our disks face on a regular basis is quite extreme. Sometimes it can feel tough to even twist, or bend down to pick something up. It’s no fun at all, but luckily inversion therapy is!

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