Inversion Chairs Back Pain

There seems to be a correlation between inversion chairs back pain. In this content here we will dive into the topic and see why they relate.

What is the relation between inversion chairs and back pain?

The relation is that most people who use inversion chairs at one point suffered from back pain. Some still do, but usually to a lesser amount.

The reason it’s not as bad after inversion therapy is because some studies have shown that inversion therapy helps relieve back pain.

Why are inversion chairs not that well known?

Some people don’t trust inversion therapy because what they see is the inversion tables, which are slightly different than inversion chairs.

The inversion tables make you lay flat when you invert, so for some people it can be uncomfortable. Especially if they are older and don’t enjoy the flat inversion.

The seated inversion of an inversion chair is a lot easier for many people. It is a bit more stable and less intimidating, so they’re more likely to invert regularly.


When it comes to fixing your back or neck pain, it’s always worth it to look at your options. Either one of these problems can severely effect your quality of life.

People who have had neck pain, back pain, or both know this to be true.

So why not give inversion therapy a chance? Worst case scenario it doesn’t work as well as you hoped.

Best case scenario it helps out your back/neck pain and takes your quality of life to a whole new level!

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