The Inversion Chair

Are you struggling with body and back pain?

Is bodily pain something you find yourself dealing with on a day to day basis? I’m sure you’ve heard your family and friends complaining about their own pains several times before. Whether the pains and aches you are facing are new, or something you’re long acquainted with, there is no doubt that you want to figure out ways to improve your quality of life.

You’re not alone…

Believe it or not, back pain is actually one of the most common pains people deal with. This can range anywhere from mild to chronic, sometimes even requiring pain medication to help reduce the pain just so you can go through with your daily tasks. Many times the pain won’t seem to go away, no matter how much you ice, heat, rest, stretch, or follow your doctor’s advice.

Let’s be honest, while pain medications can seemingly help, it’s not healthy to take them for long periods of time. Some back pain is going to need more than just hot/cold compression and stretches in order to get to the root of the problem. If you’re at the point where you just can’t find relief, then I have a method to share that has been life changing for people everywhere.

Consider an inversion chair for natural relief

As people are starting to become more health conscious, more and more people are turning away from methods that only cover up symptoms and are bringing natural healing methods to the surface. Not all of the natural healing methods for back pain are possible for everyone. Trips to the chiropractor can get expensive. It’s important to keep in mind that some people are older and don’t have the ability to strengthen their back muscles through exercise.

With all this talk about back pain, you’re here to figure out a way to get some relief, and more importantly, get to the root of the problem. With all the research you’ve been doing, I’m sure you’ve heard about the newest back pain relief craze. Everyone is talking about the inversion chair, and it’s for good reason.

Many people have experienced relief from back pain, neck pain, soreness, and poor circulation by using an inversion chair. Because it’s your back pain we’re looking to fix, the real question to think about is this: is inversion therapy right for you? Let’s get into the details and see if inversion chairs might be able to help you improve the quality of your life.

What are inversion chairs?

Inversion chairs do what their name insists; they invert you! The inversion chair was created in order to help decompress your back and realign your body. Using an inversion chair, or any other method of turning yourself upside down to decompress your back (like using an inversion table), is referred to as inversion therapy.

How inversion chairs work

The way an inversion chair works is pretty easy. First you need to set the angle at which you would like to invert at. Depending on the chair, you can go all the way up to a 180 degree inversion, though you may want to start off slow with a less intense angle. If you’re wondering how the angle adjustment works, it’s typically done with a strap that connects the back of the chair to the  frame of the entire structure. Depending on how right or loose you set it, you can get a slight inversion, all the way to a full 180 degrees.

Once your angle has been adjusted, you’re ready to use the inversion chair. All you need to do is sit down, secure your feet, strap up, grab the handles to help turn yourself over, then raise your arms above your head as needed to achieve your desired inversion. Some fancier inversion chair models will give you a button option to make the “inverting” part easier. Some chairs also give you the option of straightening out your legs once you are inverted. Depending on the chair you decide to get, there may be some other great features that I haven’t mentioned yet.

How can an inversion chair help with back pain relief?

You might be wondering about how an inversion chair can help relieve your back pain. Because of the angles you will be achieving with the chair, essentially it will let gravity work on your back in reverse. By helping your body finally lose that tenseness and strain that everyday life puts on you, the body is allowed to decompress.

Standing up-right all day can cause compression on your pelvic and spinal joints, discs and nerves. Especially if you are involved (or previously involved) in manual labor, exercise, sports, or any other physically taxing activities, an inversion chair is a method that can help your body decompress and relax.

You might be surprised to know that being sedentary is also a cause of back pain, and it’s no surprise that poor posture is a culprit. That could be the case for you if you have an office job, are a truck driver, or simply have an occupation that requires you to sit during work hours. If you happen be a victim of a critical accident or an older person, you may have limited mobility. An inversion chair doesn’t require you to do much physical movement. This is a big reason why many people feel inversion chairs are useful for them.

Why is a high quality chair so important?

You want to make sure you have a quality inversion chair so that there’s no risk of injury from falling out. Because of the position you will be in on one of these chairs, a low quality chair will put you at risk for head, neck and back injuries. You should never make your decision on what inversion chair to buy based on how cheap you can get it for. Because your goal is to improve your health, it’s definitely worth every penny invested in a high quality piece of equipment that you can use for a long time without any worries.

When it comes to inversion chairs, I recommend that you don’t try to make a makeshift invention, or buy some knock off that isn’t from a reputable company. A quality inversion chair will be stable, secure, and have a nice firm hold on you while you’re upside down. There needs to be secures for both your feet and your abdominal area. Rails should be available for you to grab and bring yourself out of being inverted easily. It may be tempting to choose the first good looking inversion chair you see, but it’s best to consider all of the possible options.

A high quality piece of inversion equipment should have a comfortable chair so that you can truly enjoy your back and body decompressing. By going all out and getting a premium inversion chair you will also be more likely to regularly use it, though keep in mind it is recommended to use your chair no more than once per day.

Inversion works best when you regularly use your chair, simply because the decompression of your back cannot be sustained once you are upright once again. Some swear that daily use is the key to getting the most out of it, while others actually prefer to use their inversion chairs three to five times per week. However often you choose to use your device, make sure you get a high quality one.

To help you out, I will actually go over some of the best chairs you can find out there out there (in my opinion) later in this article.

Can inversion help even if you’re not suffering from pain?

People have suggested that inversion can be used to help both pain as well as prevention. Some athletes use inversion chairs, and inversion tables even when not injured or in pain. They see it as a way to keep everything aligned and relax their bodies. Some athletes even believe that it helps prevent them from getting back injuries, whether or not that’s proven is up to debate, however it is still widely considered valid in many circles.

Why inversion chairs instead of inversion tables?

  • Inversion chairs are considered by many to be less intense than inversion tables.
  • The sitting motion is easier for many to get used to, it’s more natural like a roller coaster seat.
  • Standing upside down can be intimidating to people just starting out or who have health issues.
  • Sitting allows for better physical comfort as well, since you are in a nice padded seat.
  • Inversion chairs are usually preferred by senior citizens who don’t want to risk standing inverted.


All things considered, you could really go either way, but for many people inversion tables are just too intense of a feeling. The fact that some inversion chairs come with a lever or button to adjust the inversion also comes in very handy in the seating position. If you’re looking to start inversion therapy you should consider your options thoroughly as well as read reviews. We actually cover reviews of various inversion set ups here on Inversion World.

 Let’s review some of the most popular inversion chairs (affiliate links included below)

1. Stamina Inline Inversion Chair

The Stamina Inline Inversion Chair is a phenomenal piece of equipment. It has an adjustable lap belt for security while you invert. It also has a ratcheting a leg lock system with a button to release, as well as a comfortable foam material that gives support to your ankles. This chair also comes with the ability to adjust for your height (a very good feature for those of you who are taller). Last but not least, it has skid resistant feet to keep your inversion chair from damaging your floor or sliding around. The construction is steel and is simply top notch quality, this is a great chair.


2. Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair

The Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair is considered by many to be the best inversion chair on the market. This chair comes with an adjustable angle belt, and a luxurious and comfortable padded seat. It also comes with a seat belt for safety purposes, non slip feet to keep you stable while you invert, and last but not least it allows up to three hundred pounds. This means even if you are on the heavier side you will be able to experience the benefits of inversion.

Okay, but what about some inversion tables? (affiliate links included below)

1. Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table

The teeter EP-960 is a very high end inversion table, it is different than an inversion chair because you don’t get the chair to sit in. This inversion table is for those who are more experienced with inversion. It comes with amazing features such as: an extended ankle lock handle, long stretch max handles, as well as traction handles for more stretching options, lumbar bridge support, precision rotation, high quality steel parts, specialized bearings that have nice durability, and more. This inversion table can handle up to three hundred pounds of weight. Overall the Teeter EP-960 is a great product, it should be very helpful for the right person, and has great build quality.


2. IRONMAN Gravity 4000

The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is an inversion table that can handle serious weight. The build is made of steel, and has a memory foam backrest for maximum comfort. The table can handle up to three hundred and fifty pounds of weight, making it possibly the highest on the market. It folds up for easy storage making it a breeze to put away. This inversion table is a great solution for someone who feels comfortable with inversion.

3. Teeter EP-560 Ltd

The Teeter EP-560 Ltd is an inversion table that has many high end features. It has great comfort and support for your body, and precision rotation for control over your movements. High grade steel parts make this a stable inversion table. The Teeter EP-560 Ltd also has lumbar support, and can handle up to three hundred pounds of weight. This inversion table is a good choice for an experienced inversion therapy user, or someone confident in their ability to use an inversion table.


Is there anyone that inversion is not right for?

So now that we’ve looked into some of the best products on the market in the world of inversion tables and inversion chairs. Let’s look into those situations where inversion is not right for somebody.

While inversion is great for most people there are some rare exceptions. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, or are currently pregnant, then your risk during inversion therapy goes up. So if any of that applies to you, you might want to talk to your doctor before trying inversion out. For your own safety and health it’s never a bad idea to consult a doctor before trying something new out anyway. After all I’m not a doctor, just someone passionate about helping those with back pain, neck pain, and soreness in general get more quality out of their life.

Wrap Up

So to wrap this up inversion chairs are simply an amazing invention. They really tackle problems such as neck pain, back pain, soreness, slouching, and more. So many millions of people are affected by these issues, some even on a chronic daily basis. The fact that inverting and hanging upside down is helping people with these issues is simply amazing. Whether or not it works for you can only be known for sure if you give it a try, after all everyone is different.


People everywhere have gotten sick of chemical, and surgical solutions to problems. Often to only continue feeling discomfort, and receive some nasty side effects to boot. I do not suggest that someone should get off their medication or ignore their trusted doctors’ wishes because that can actually be dangerous for you, the doctor usually knows best! I do however think that if you’re ready to try inversion, that you give it a shot.

While it may not work full proof for everyone, it’s worth a try. Especially when thousands of people around the world swear by inversion therapy. Many people have claimed that inversion chairs have changed their quality of life in an amazing way It’s no surprise that the inversion therapy trend continues to grow. It seems as if the trend is not going away anytime soon, especially with new advocates coming out with their stories every day. Their stories give hope to those who look forward to a day where they no longer have to deal with nagging injuries, pains, and aches.