Inversion Chair Benefits

So you have probably heard all about inversion chair benefits recently, and how they can help you. They seem to be the craze these days when it comes to back pain relief, let’s look into why that is.

Are you suffering from back and neck pain?

Back and neck pain will negatively influences your quality of life if left untreated. Most of the time back pain is caused by compression of the spinal disc. This makes those disks swell and spark up with random or in some cases even chronic pain!

How Can An Inversion Chair Benefit You?

The use of an inversion chair in traction therapy is an amazing way of solving your back pain. In fact, an inversion chair has been used in solving back pain and neck pain for many centuries. The reason why is because even ancient people knew decompressing your back would improve the quality if your life!

To help you clearly understand the usefulness of an inversion chair, it’s best that we look at all the benefits. The chair is useful both in both preventive and post-trauma treatment. Let’s get into what these inversion chair benefits are.

  • Relief of back and neck pain

If you are suffering from back and neck injuries, an inversion chair will help you find consistent relief. Best of all it’s not a pill, oil, or surgery, which can have negative side effects.

  • You are only required to use the chair five to ten minutes/day.

Many other treatment take hours of your time, inversion chairs are awesome because they’re quick and easy. This makes it easy for you to repeat the treatment regularly, even three to five inversion sessions per week will do wonders for your quality of life.

  • Improving relaxation

The use of an inversion chair has been shown to improve muscle relaxation. It has been shown to increase lymph and blood flow which is great for your health. Inversion is a great way of preventing muscle injuries, and muscle fatigue. This means that you don’t have to be injured to use an inversion chair.

Use the chair to help you relax after a long tiresome day or after a good workout. Even athletes use inversion tables and inversion chairs to decrease muscle soreness after games/practice. This is because inverting helps the removal of acid causing soreness through the lymphatic system.

  • Straightening your back

It is estimated that the average person will shrink at least 1 inch of height in their lifetime. This is caused by compression in the back, as well as slouching. This is not good for your back, and inversion can be there to help you. Inversion can help straighten out your back and give you that good posture you desire

  • Scientific pain relief

Inversion chair research has found out that emg (the scientific measure for back pain) reduces by more than 35% within a few seconds of using the chair. Can you imagine what a 35% reduction in back pain could do for your quality of life? An inversion chair has been identified has a reliable way of attaining long term relief. Regardless of your back or neck problem, an inversion chair will do a great job in helping you out.

  • Lower back decompression

Inversion can help by stretching your spine (spinal traction). As a result, the therapy takes away gravitational pressure from the nerve disks and roots found in your spine. This leads to an increased vertebral space. The technique is used as a part of a comprehensive lower back treatment program. It’s one of the few proven ways to reduce that nasty lower back pain that bothers so many people.

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The inversion chair has been used in traction therapy for many centuries. The chair is a reliable way of solving back and neck pain. The inversion technique helps in reducing muscle soreness and improving relaxation. As a result, the chair is a great way of improving your general quality of life. Hope you all enjoyed this ultimate list of inversion chair benefits!