Innova Fitness ITX9600 Review

Being one of the most affordable inversion tables, the Innova Fitness ITX9600 review will reveal to you that this table is more than a slab of metal. In fact, it’s so durable that it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds! Especially if you’re a beginner when it comes to inversion therapy, this table is one of the best options out there due to it’s slightly limited inversion ability.

In this review, we’re going to focus on what this inversion table has to offer you. This means a dive into the structure, safety, as well as other important features of the ITX9600. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Design of the Innova Fitness ITX9600

The main determining factors when it comes to deciding whether or not an inversion table is right for you is the height and weight capacity. As mentioned earlier, the weight capacity is up to 300 pounds, being suitable for most people. The table’s height capacity ranges from approximately 4 ft. 10 in. to 6 ft. 6 in. With that being said, it might be beneficial for you to know that people a few inches outside of that range have had success using this table as well.

As long as you have the correct setting according to your height, then a simple inversion should be performed by just raising your arms above the head. Being able to invert in this way also makes it easier to go back into the neutral position.

Inversion angle adjustment is controlled with a basic locking pin system. This allows the user 4 different inversion settings. These are 20 degrees, 40 degrees, 60 degrees, and 80 degrees – all degrees being measured beyond parallel to the ground. Because the table inverts up to 170 degrees, ab exercises may be affected.


The handles are made to be non-slip and full length in order to easily assist in the inverting and returning. This is nice because some may feel uncomfortable with the idea of relying on the simple arm raise in order to invert and return to normal position. Especially if you’re older, the handles will make movement smoother.

The adjustable pin system mentioned earlier has it’s own perks. It’s main benefit is that it can’t slip like the typical safety strap model inversion tables. Not only that, but it gives for a more accurate inversion angle, rather than guessing where you will feel comfortable with a strap adjustment.


One of the main features you will notice with the Innova Fitness ITX9600 is the comfortable padding used throughout the chair. Inverting should be a comfortable experience, not one that you dread doing. The ITX9600 provides comfort with the back support layers, as well as the new ankle cushioning set up which is more ergonomic than before.

Additional Details

While you have the option of spending an extra $150-$200 for professional set up, you will be glad to know that the assembly is fairly easy. All of the parts are numbered out for you. If you find yourself having trouble with the set up, the Innova brand is promising a responsive customer service to lend you a helping hand.

Even though the table is made of durable, heavy-guage steel, it weighs just over 50 pounds, being one of the lightest inversion tables around.