The Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair Review

This is a Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair review. The main benefit that the Heath Mark IV 18600 provides is that is assists one in the decompressing of their spine, and back disks. Decompression and hanging upside down helps improve the circulation in the column of the back and also helps in reducing the muscles stress and fatigue. Inversion chairs are a great way to make your back align straighter and less tense, providing relaxing relief. The Health Mark !V18600 Pro is used by thousands of people everyday to feel amazing relief.

What are the features?

The Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair has an easily adjustable angle belt to help control your amount of inversion. The belt has a 70 percent maximum angle of inversion when used correctly. This belt allows for the effective inversion that is gentile for most people, especially those who are older. It can potentially do wonders for those who feel back pain on a regular basis – that is as long as one gets the permission of their doctor first (which is very important).

The Health Mark Inversion Chair can also help in the reduction of stress throughout the body. Some even claim they get relief to other pains not related to the back when using these chairs. Benefits separate from back pain relief include improved circulation, more oxygen absorbed by the muscles (especially after exercise), and the reduction of other bodily aches and pains. You will be glad to know this inversion chair was designed for the maximum comfort since it has a luxurious padded bench, making it comfortable to use. Another important feature is that the feet are nonslip, giving you a secure inversion.

Because of the nature of inversion therapy, the Health Mark Inversion Chair has taken many safety measures to ensure the user is not only comfortable, but free of any harm. For safety purposes, the inversion chair has a safety belt that will keep you well in place. With a maximum capacity of 300 pounds of weight, the chair is safe for most men and women to use. This is great because even if you are on the heavier side, you can feel the comfort of inversion while also having the comfort of security.


This inversion chair is really nice, and I suggest you try it out. It’s not cheaply made, that’s for sure. You can tell the manufacturers used high quality steel and other materials when creating this chair. So if you are looking for something of really high quality for yourself, a family member, or even a friend to enjoy, then this is the inversion chair for you.

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