What Causes Back Pain?

So what exactly is back pain, and what causes it? All of us suffer from back pains every once in a while. Vigorous activities, sleeping the “wrong way”, even banging into something can cause pain, but when it doesn’t go away, do you know when it’s time to get medical attention?

Do you understand what causes back pain, and when exactly does the problem escalate from “just nothing” to “something to be concerned about?”

Let’s Look Deeper

Back pain can be the result of many different things. If you have not suffered a physical injury, it can be difficult to tell where the pain derived from. Back pain can be attributed to poor muscle tone in the back, muscle spasm, muscle tension, or back strain; sometimes you can’t remember what you could have done to cause the pain.

Problems that are more obvious can easily be diagnosed by your physician such as muscle or ligament tears, bone weakness, or joint problems. However there are times where it seems hopeless, let’s go over some of the common causes.

Causes of back pain

There are numerous causes of back aches, but some of the most common causes are:

1. Strenuous physical exercises such as weight lifting

2. Wrong posture while sitting or standing

3. Sitting for prolonged hours in the same position

4. Stomach disorders

5. Pregnancy: Every pregnant woman goes through the backache suffering at one point or another. This is especially common during the last few months of pregnancy, for some women it’s unbearable.

6. Use of high heels: This causes strain in the back muscles, leading to severe pain

7. Open spine surgery can also give rise to FBSS (failed back spine surgery), which can lead to chronic ache in the back, arms or legs. Other causes include, spondylosis, herniated disc, sciatica, and spinal stenosis.

8. Bad sleeping conditions


In conclusion back pain has many causes, some people have it worse than others, but almost everyone has experienced it. There are some natural methods people are discovering to fight back pains. One of the most common is inversion chairs, and inversion tables. Hopefully in the future there is a simple way to fight off back pains once and for all. That way people no longer need to suffer from the nagging and sometimes chronic back pains.


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