What’s A Back Inversion chair and What Are It’s Benefits?

So what exactly is a back inversion chair? What exactly are the benefits of one? Well in order to understand, we must first learn what inversion therapy is. So let’s get into here in this article.

What is inversion therapy?

inversion therapy is often recommended for people suffering from back pain.

The idea behind inversion therapy is to turn your body upside down to achieve spinal decompression, which relieves back pain.

It should be noted that inversion therapy is generally not recommended for people with high blood pressure, glaucoma and any form of heart disease.

Back inversion therapy can be carried out using gravity boots or with the help of a back inversion chair or a back inversion table. The back inversion chair is the easiest to use among all three.

You can simply strap yourself into the back inversion chair and lean back slowly to turn the chair upside down.

This helps you to avoid the joint pain normally associated with the use of gravity boots or back inversion tables. It is also easier to rotate your body while sitting in the back inversion chair.

So what are the benefits of back inversion chairs?

Back inversion chairs have several benefits other than back pain relief.

Back inversion therapy stimulates the lymphatic system to increase the flow of the lymphatic fluids which flushes out pain inducing lymphatic wastes.

Back inversion chairs can also be used to relieve joint pain and correct minor misalignment in the back.

Why has inversion therapy become so popular recently?

The amount of people who have claimed inversion therapy has changed their life is pretty crazy.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely on the rise. For good reason too, so many people are looking for non traditional ways of curing ailments and sicknesses.

It seems so many are tired of the same usual solutions (pain pills, and surgeries). People are looking for a way out of the norm, and are looking towards a more holistic approach.

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