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How to Find the Best Inversion Chair

How to Find the Best Inversion Chair In this blog post I will teach you how to find the best inversion chair, so make sure you pay attention folks! Inversion chairs have only just recently come into the market though their counterparts, inverted tables, have been around for years. The reason they were made is because not everyone wants to, or can lay flat during inversion therapy. What are the advantages of inversion therapy There are many advantages to inversion therapy in general such as relieving pain in your joints and spine. Recent studies have shown that inversion chairs...

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All About The Stamina seated inversion chair

All About The Stamina seated inversion chair The stamina seated inversion chair is a unique product that strengthens the spine, using your own weight. The chair is highly durable and secure due to its heavy-duty construction and has some considerable weight to it. It is suitable for adults of both genders, and can handle the inversion of quite a heavy person. Is the Stamina seated inversion chair comfortable? This inversion therapy system provides effortless comfort, with cushioned upholstery, leg lock system, foam padded ankle support, adjustable lap belt for security, padded handlebars, skid resistant rubber floor protectors for stability, and...

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The Upside Down Chair

The Upside Down Chair Are you thinking of using an upside down chair for inversion therapy? Have you been hearing about inversion and all of it’s benefits? If you are, then that’s awesome. Let’s just say you are in the right place. Here we are going to go into detail on what the upside down chair (mainly known as the inversion chair) is all about! What is it? The upside down chair is an instrument used to practice inversion therapy, which is known to come with several benefits. The inversion chair is a great way to assist in improving...

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How A Health Mark Inversion Chair Can Help You

How Can A Health Mark Inversion Chair Can Help You? It’s time to make life more enjoyable! The Health Mark Inversion Chair is what you need to help you avoid health issues associated with poor sitting posture, daily stress, and back injuries. The chair has been made using high quality materials, the Health Mark Inversion Chair comes with a unique design that helps to decompress the spine, reduce muscle stress and fatigue by increasing the blood circulation. What else does it come with? The Health Mark chair comes with a handle bar that makes it easy to use, it’s...

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What’s A Back Inversion chair and What Are It’s Benefits?

What’s A Back Inversion chair and What Are It’s Benefits? So what exactly is a back inversion chair? What exactly are the benefits of one? Well in order to understand, we must first learn what inversion therapy is. So let’s get into here in this article. What is inversion therapy? inversion therapy is often recommended for people suffering from back pain. The idea behind inversion therapy is to turn your body upside down to achieve spinal decompression, which relieves back pain. It should be noted that inversion therapy is generally not recommended for people with high blood pressure, glaucoma...

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